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Published: 30th August 2009
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Sending greetings[Durga pujas special gift, kolkata pujas special gift, Send Durgapuja gift to friends, Way to send durgapuja gift to friends, Durga Puja gift through online] to friends and relatives on special occasions is a tradition that we maintain very sincerely. We send best wishes and compliments to people and expect the same in return. In the past, hand-written letters and cards were the only ways to greet people on special occasions but nowadays there are more options, thanks to the rapid progress of science and technology. Today people greet their close ones through SMSs, MMSs and e-mails. To make things more interesting, people are opting for picture messages and special linguistic messages that are offered by the private telecom service providers to greet people on special occasions.

In USA and Western countries, X-Mas and New Year's Day are the biggest occasions when people's cell phones and mailboxes get flooded with greeting SMSs and mails from friends and relatives. For Bengalees in Kolkata and other parts of India, Durga Puja is a festival of that stature. The five-day-long Durga Puja is the biggest festival for Bengalees and they are found in a joyous mood during this time. They enjoy the festival at the maximum level possible and share their happiness with friends and relatives by sending puja greetings. Each of the five days of Durga Puja bears special significance. The festival starts with the bodhon of Goddess Durga on the evening of Maha Shashthi and ends on Bijay Dashami with the cremation of the earthen idols in the Ganga. Bengalees start sending 'Shuvo Sharodiya' greetings even before Maha Shashthi and stop at Bijaya Dashami with sending 'Shuvo Bijaya' messages and e-mails. Basically, the puja starts from Maha Shaptami, the days next to Maha Shashthi when Bengalees wish 'Shuvo Shaptami' SMSes to their close ones, which become Shuvo Ashtami and Shuvo Nabami for the next two days.

Thanks to the Bengalees who have settled down in US cities and Western countries, the spirit of Durga Puja is more confined within the boundaries of Bengal and India. It is now an international occasion. Bengalee communities in US and Western countries observe the puja in their own way and maintain the tradition of greeting their close ones. Besides, they send greetings to their relatives and family members who reside in Kolkata and get the same in return. Age is no factor as far as sending. Greetings are send by grandsons and grand daughters to ageing grandfather and mother, greetings are send from brothers to sisters and people are greeted by their in-laws, such is the significance of Durga Puja in the life of every Bengalee. If you are a Bengalee, you just can't stop yourself from sending puja greetings to your close ones and expecting the same in return, no matter whether you stay in Kolkata or Canada, such is the spirit of this five-day-long festival. It is a time of they year when Bengalees who stay away from their parents and other members of the family feel their absence very much and when a greeting card or SMS or e-mail comes it brings a touch of love and care from them. It is indeed an occasion where happiness increases when shared with others.

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